Facebook Ad Management
Facebook advertising is another important component to be included in your online marketing plan. A paid campaign on Facebook can be complementary to any successful search marketing campaign.
Facebook has become the world’s premier social network with well over 1 billion users, in excess of 950 million active users each day, of which, over 150 million are located in Canada and the U.S.
When it comes to Facebook, no other platform can compete with the amount of consumer data they own. Facebook has made it very easy to profile and target the right prospect, not only on the Facebook platform but also on Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.
Let’s Get Optimized offers the ad formats listed below as part of our Facebook Campaign Management services. For each of the ad formats that are available, we have included a link that will direct you to the ad specifications and dimensions, file sizes and character limits.


Video is always the most captivating of ads. Video ads specs


Drive people to any destination website or apps through high-quality assets. Image ads specs


Set up your product catalog for consumers to shop online! Collection ads specs


Showcase up to ten images or videos with each its own link. Carousel ads specs


Use the slideshow to display all in motion, color & Style. Video ads specs


Let people open a full-screen, mobile-optimized experience instantly from your ad. Canvas ad specs

Lead Ads

Available on Facebook and Instagram, Lead Ads make it easy for your target audience to connect with you. With a click or tap of an imagevideo, or carousel ad, the lead form is prepopulated with the user’s contact information.

Learn more about creating Lead Ads

Learn more about creating lead forms

Offer Ads

Do you have a special promotion or discount? Promote it with Offer Ads! Offer Ads available in imagevideo, or carousel ad formats.

Post Engagement

Boost your latest page post to increase engagement and likes.

Page post engagement ads

Event Response Ads can be used to promote awareness of an upcoming event and drive responses. You can design your Event Ad to appear as an image or video.

Event Response Ads

Page Likes Ads

Increase your page likes on Facebook with Page Likes Ads. You can design your ads with a video or an image masked to a ratio of 8:3.

Page Likes Ads

Facebook has done a great job with its ad platform and has invested an incredible amount in making a video sharing platform

LGO offers the following services for our Facebook advertisers:


We take deliverables quite serious at LGO! You will receive monthly KPI focused monthly reports which will incorporate all important metrics like monthly media spend, clicks, impression and engagements. We are all about performance and make sure we can drill down to a cost per return (ROI) so you can see what your investment is giving back to your business.


We have many different pricing options available. Feel free to reach out to our PPC team so they could build you a custom quote and have you at the top of the search engines in no time.

How to hire us for Facebook Ad Management

Want to learn more about how LGO can manage your Facebook Paid Campaign? Contact us to schedule an initial consultation!
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