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SEO Services

When it comes to SEO Let’s get Optimized has you covered. We walk the walk! Our team will help your website rank to the top of the search results faster than you thought possible.

Paid Advertising

When it comes to paid ads we old the bar! Our founder has helped Google launch Google Partners Program and is one of Google AdWords Top Contributors. With over 100 Million of ads managed we would love to take your campaigns to the next level.

Conversion Optimization

Our focus has always been ROI and CRO is the key element to driving a positive return on investement. Conversion rates shoud always be challenged and improved in the world of online marketing.


Given that we can measure the return on nearly every marketing initiative some efforts remain more serendipitous, well we like to call these efforts branding. We will make sure that your ideal buyer persona gets to know your brand real well!

Montreal’s #1 SEO service, we outrank the competition


Montreal’s #1 Seo services and Certified Google Partner catering to SMB’s located in and around the greater Montreal region. Our philosophy here at Let’s get Optimized is quite simple. We allow you to get found by the people searching for your exact product or service, right now!  We offer dynamic SEO Services in Montreal and surrounding areas. We offer a full line of Digital solutions and services to small, medium and enterprise level businesses. Let’s get Optimized will proudly mention that we are Montreal’s premiere Inbound Marketing agency. We have been helping businesses with  Internet Marketing for over a decade. As the world of Digital Marketing continues to evolve towards better user experience, we as the Leading Seo Company in Montreal continue to deliver quality results.

Our Montreal SEO Company Has a New Disguise!

Seo has been a challenge though the years getting website to rank by applying Google best practices on web pages to help them ran higher in the SERP’s. Today things are different, 2017 is the year that Google is ready to say no more SEO! What does this mean for Optimization companies? This is simple, SEO is no longer in it’s known form. Let it be known from CANADA'S #1 seo company that you have to be active and provide value to the end user to attain web ranking positions today. Can’t say we didn’t see this one coming. Let’s get Optimized has been using this strategy for many years and continues to help our client achieve top ranking by putting in the proper efforts and delevering value , now that's SEO!

Did someone say SEO Montreal!?

Our goal is to attract new visitors to your site, while mastering the art of converting those visitors into leads. Then, cashing in those leads for paying customers is what we do best. It’s as simple as that! Seo Montreal and Inbound Marketing services will put your product or service in front of people who are looking for solutions. Why should you choose Let’s get Optimized? Well, that part is simple! We are the only Montreal Seo Company who practices 100% Inbound Marketing. Meaning we do not opt for the quick fix, we start by planning an Inbound Marketing Strategy that will leverage your brand amongst your competitors. Work with Canada's #1 SEO company today!

Search Engine Optimization in Montreal

Search Engine Optimization has came a long way in 2016 and as SEO’s it is our responsibility to wake up and focus on value to the end user, that’s it! SEO has turned towards User experience and relationships. Social media has become a leading factor for Search Engine Optimization this year since Google is able to measure the engagement that happens openly on the web. This activity creates easy to monitor signals across the web that are 100% natural for the at least the time being. Choosing an online digital Marketing service that will bring you success is where we come in. If you’re not sure what Inbound Marketing is all about, we have a packed house of people here that would love to get you acquainted. Remember, we are Inbound Marketers!

Montreal Digital Marketing done right!

Our mission statement is to help you win! Our team of experts allow to believe in a Digital partner so you can grow your business in our ever changing market. Let it be our responsibility to properly guide you in the right direction every step of the way. SEO in Montreal can be challenging to follow for many reasons so count on us to keep you in the loop. We often look at us being the profit driven marketer, this is easy to follow for most business. If we are not showing a return on investment then we are not doing our jobs.

Seo will continue to change daily yet rest assure of one thing, we must become experts in what we do. If you have what it takes in your vertical to become an expert then please share your talent through content and social so people can benefit from your knowledge. This is what needs to be done in order to have a healthy organic web presence. The days of building backlinks are OVER! Backlinks are still a ranking factor for On-page SEO and will remain for a long time. It is the way you get them that has changed. Backlinks are earned not built!

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