SEO Consulting
LGO provides SEO Consulting Services. Consultants are generally hired to solve problems, such as loss of ranking, traffic loss, manual actions, filters, coding, indexing & crawlability issues, and technical (SEO) deficiencies. Consulting Services may also include a review of a Clients SEO Factors and conformity to Best SEO Practices. After we determine the root cause, LGO will provide a game plan to solve your Search Engine Optimization problems.

SEO Consulting Services in Montreal, Toronto & Halifax

Our SEO Consultants typically work in tandem with Small Business Owners, Digital Marketing Managers and their respective Developers. Engagements generally last a few week’s; however, they may last few a few months depending on the complexity of the problem(s).
If you have experienced a loss of ranking, loss of traffic or you are having difficulty solving an SEO problem(s), call us or schedule a free consultation with one of our SEO Consultants.

On-site SEO Consultant

Let’s Get Optimized does provide On-site Consulting Services in your place of business, in the Provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the other Maritimes Provinces. On-site Consulting gives you face time with one of our SEO Experts. Whether it’s a discussion on SEO Fundamentals, problem-solving, strategizing, or seeking a second opinion on how to drive your current SEO Campaign forward, our SEO Team can help.

Link Building Consulting

Given the complexities and importance of ethical Link Building (it’s the determining factor for ranking), and fluidity of Google’s Algorithm with respect to backlinks, there are demands for Consulting Services on all aspects of Link Building. Link Building Consulting Services are at least a full day, sometimes two, and is ideal for a DIY Small Business Owner/ Manager or an in-house Digital Marketing Manager. This type of engagement covers ethical link building practices that drive Site Trust & Authority. These services can be provided in your place of business or via GoToMeeting, whichever you prefer. LGO does provide Link Building strategies.
Lastly, we are often reminded by our Clients, that their decision to meet with our SEO Consultants was an enormous learning experience. If you wish to meet or speak with one of our SEO Consultants? We would love to hear from you!
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