Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing Really About?

Content marketing is the fuel for every successful marketing campaign. Without content marketing, there will be no voice to be heard. After all, Google primarily indexes text. Therefore, your real question is, “how do I market with content?” There are many ways to perform successful content marketing. Here are a few ways to properly market with your content.

Does Your Website Have Poor Content Marketing

Not to worry, adding fresh content will liven things up! In 2010, Google released an algorithm tweak, it was named caffeine, and it deemed quality content a big deal! Now, 4 years later, content marketing has never been so important. Especially since the release of Google’s new algorithm hummingbird earlier this year. Don’t panic! Google’s new algorithm will identify and reward those who produce mind-blowing content.

Does Your Content Marketing Have Them Coming Back For More?

It is easy through all the various campaign-monitoring tools to follow the pattern of your visitors. Test different campaigns to see which add prompted more activity, and then adjust accordingly. Remember, with content marketing, it’s all about, test, test, and test again!

7 Most Common Content Marketing Killers:

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