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SEO Services for your Toronto Business with Let’s Get Optimized

Let’s Get Optimized is an SEO agency based in Toronto with a nationwide presence across Canada. Over the years, we have helped many businesses in Toronto and Ontario become leaders in the digital marketplace with effective SEO strategies and solutions tailored to their organizational needs.
We’re passionate about supporting businesses and organizations across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. As Canada’s largest city and home to iconic sights such as the CN Tower and Casa Loma, we’re proud to champion businesses across the city with the SEO solutions they need.
We gladly work with businesses of all sizes and industries. So no matter whether you’re an upcoming startup downtown on Bloor St or a veteran small business in Liberty Village, we have your needs completely covered.
A Certified Google Ads & Analytics Partner
It’s important you trust your SEO agency to deliver informed advice and services. As a certified Google Partner in Google Ads and Google Analytics, you can rely on our SEO consultants in Toronto to give you the very latest data and information straight from Google’s database.
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Why Partner with Toronto’s Leading SEO Agency

At Let’s Get Optimized, we put your needs as our client first. We understand running a business has its challenges and recognize that you have put considerable effort into where you are today. That’s why our SEO consultants in Toronto dedicate their experience and energy into driving results for your business.
We have many decades of combined experience in the SEO industry and have a passion for winning results for all our clients. You can rest assured that you are being supported by some of the best SEO experts in the Greater Toronto Area.

Grow Your Toronto Business with Our SEO Services

We offer a range of SEO services and solutions to our clients in Toronto, each individually tailored to the needs and objectives of their business. Our SEO packages include:

SEO Consultations

Our SEO consultants in Toronto take the time to go through your business history, performance and goals. We then translate this into a well-researched and trusted SEO strategy we know will optimize your website for better performance. Our strategies focus on how to obtain both immediate and long-term results for the benefit of your business.

SEO Audits

Our technical SEO team carries out a thorough audit of your website using advanced technology and their own industry expertise. Our SEO audits explain the barriers that are holding your website back from leading on search engines and will provide expert recommendations on how we solve that for you. Our audits take into consideration not just your current performance, but how well prepared you are for future updates and changes from search engines, such as Google’s Core Web Vitals.

Technical SEO

Search engines work by scanning your website (crawling) and then saving that information into a large database for people to browse (indexing). Websites will only rank well if the search engine can crawl it easily. Even the smallest of technical errors can make it hard for search engines to crawl your site and consequently make you miss valuable opportunities. Our technical SEO experts and developers will fix these errors and also help optimize your website for key ranking factors such as User Experience (UX).

On-Page Optimization

When optimizing your website, we will evaluate and make expert recommendations on your site’s metadata and content. We use data-driven keyword research that can help you get a bigger picture of your market and our approach to getting you found online. Our research will also help reveal new opportunities for your business, ideal if you wish to introduce new products or services, or even expand to a new area of Toronto.

Content Development

Our content writers specialize in producing SEO-focused content that also aligns with your branding and company voice. This balanced approach to content will help both search engines and your customers to appreciate your website and potentially increase your conversion rate.
Growing your website with content is an excellent way to boost rankings and improve your conversion rate. From blogs to landing pages, we deliver content that fully complies with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Local SEO

Getting your business found in a large city like Toronto is a difficult task to face alone. Our local SEO team has a unique understanding of the Toronto market and will devise and deliver local SEO solutions designed to help you outrank competitors. We will continuously grow your local business’ presence on hyperlocal websites while also optimizing your Google My Business and Bing Places profiles so that you can rank on map searches too!

Off-Page Optimization

While working on your site is essential for increasing your online performance, we also work to increase your online presence outside of your website by earning you backlinks. This helps indicate to the search engines that you are a trusted site for information, helping you to rank higher. We believe backlinks must be earned not made and use only white-hat techniques to grow your link profile with links from authoritative and trustworthy websites in your industry.

What You Can Expect

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Why Your Toronto Business Needs The Best SEO Company

As the most competitive city in Canada, trying to stand out in Toronto and the wider digital marketplace is no easy feat. However, with more businesses transitioning to digital marketing in 2022 than ever before, there has never been a more important time to invest in SEO.
Our SEO consultants in Toronto have the expertise you can depend on to turn your digital marketing goals into a reality. With decades of experience, we know the SEO industry inside out and are dedicated to staying ahead of upcoming updates and search algorithm changes. We have successfully given our clients significant SEO results in markets such as:

Ethical & Sustainable SEO Results

While some agencies may offer instant wins or unusual growths in traffic, this can be detrimental to the success of your website and even cause penalties against your website. For that reason, we make sure all our SEO services follow only ‘white-hat’ practices that will get your business sustainable and long-term growth.

SEO Strategies You Can Trust

Optimizing your website and getting sustainable results cannot be achieved straight away and requires experienced hands to make sure no opportunity is missed. Our SEO strategies are positioned to help grow your business sustainably. You should expect some good early results based on our technical and on-page optimization recommendations, but the biggest and most impactful results come later when your website starts building authority and has excellent content.

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