Why is Off-Page SEO Essential?
The answer is quite simple. Off-page SEO is the determining factor in ranking. Off-page SEO is often referred to as Site Trust & Authority, simply put, it’s a websites backlink & citation profile or metrics. Metrics can be defined as quantity & quality of links, link source, relevancy of link source, etc., that points back to your website. Backlinks & Citations are equated to votes for your website, however, quality often trumps quantity with respect to high rankings.

Off-page SEO Analysis

In your free consultation, LGO will walk you through an analysis of your Off-Page SEO or ‘’backlink & citation profile’’. We will do a competitive analysis so that you have a solid understanding of how & why Off-page is critical to ranking and why competitors rank higher than you.

Ethical Off-page SEO

Off-page determines ranking. For that reason, some SEO’s will take shortcuts to expedite results for their Clients. Shortcuts may include link networks, link farms, etc.… or perhaps it’s a lack of knowledge.
This type of approach may provide results in the short term, however, it’s not sustainable and is in violation of Google’s terms of service, same for other Search Engines. This type of approach can also lead to de-indexing or banishment from the Search Engines. Unethical SEO is NOT something we do. Our approach to Off-page is methodical, safe and the results, sustainable… since 2008!

Off-page SEO for How Long?

How long do I commit to an Off-page SEO campaign? This is a frequently asked question.     Local and Organic rankings are heavily influenced by Links & Citations and most businesses on page one is aware of this, their SEO’s certainly are! The benefits of high ranking and the ROI that it delivers, outweigh the cost for many businesses. For this reason, businesses willingly invest monthly to maintain high ranking in the SERP’s otherwise they’re subject to loss of ranking to their competitors.
Lastly, the Google algorithm weights or puts an emphasis on ‘’freshness’’ of links, as strange as this might sound.
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