About LGO

About Our SEO Company & Online Marketing Agency

Founded by Trevor Stewart in 2008, Let’s Get Optimized (LGO) has become Montreal, Toronto, Halifax & Oshawa’s go-to SEO Company & Online Marketing Agency for Small & Medium size businesses. Trevor was a stakeholder in the development of Google’s Partner Program, is a currently a Google Ambassador and Google Small Business Advisor.

Trevor Stewart | Founder & CEO

Prior to Google and starting LGO, Trevor owned and operated various small businesses. He started his digital journey back in 2004 while working for Google as an Ambassador and Google Small Business Advisor. Trevor went on to be Canada’s only Google Ad Top Contributor and Product Expert where he assisted in the creation of the well-known Google Partners Program. In late 2007 he decided to venture off on his own and open Let’s Get Optimized. Trevor is a visionary and a lifelong learner which serves him well in his role as our CEO.

Ambassadors and Advocates for Small & Medium Size Businesses

Both Trevor and his team have worked extensively with Small & Medium Businesses, across a wide variety of industries and verticals. Helping businesses navigate the digital landscape and providing affordable, measurable and sustainable Online Marketing solutions is our business. Need growth solutions? Call us at 1-888-232-6036 or book a meeting.

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