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Magento Web Development for Montreal Ecommerce Solutions

Magento is a very popular & powerful CMS that is specific to e-commerce. It is amazingly versatile and can be customized to suit small and large business needs. It is a very feature-rich platform that provides online retailers the flexibility they need and they are also able to effectively control content & functionality of their eCommerce store with efficiency and ease.

The Potent CMS Tool

This is a very easy-to-use CMS that has a number of catalog management tools which provide online retail business owners the power to use this Ecommerce solution which is highly-customizable to all their business requirements. It is specifically designed for total scalability and is also backed by a very impressive support network. Simply put, it is the most complete and ultimate eCommerce solution for you.

How Magento can be Integrated with Other Systems

Magento helps in content management but it also helps in branding. Magento Web Development can be used to build & support websites in the Enterprise and the Community versions. Apart from this, the heaviest traffic websites can be run with a range of complex product configurations and sophisticated business requirements. Take a look at the different functionality this tool provides you with:

  • Magento API can be customized and enhanced to integrate with most of the common ERP system variants. This provides your business with the topmost administration speed regardless of which ERP you are using
  • Magento eBay Integration offers a very quick and simple creation & management of all the product listings that your company is offering. You have the functionality to import the eBay transactions as well as post automated feedback for your buyers
  • It is also possible to integrate Sage systems with a Magento site. This lowers your running costs and saves you time and resources
  • Integrating WordPress into Magento Web Development is a great solution for those who need mixed-use functions. This will provide you with the ability to share static blocks, navigation menus and cart data information, between these two systems.

And some More Functionality….

Depending on your specific need, it is also possible to effectively distribute Magento Web Development administration and application to different servers. This goes a long way in maximizing the performance and the overalls speed of your online functions. Managing an online retail business is no child’s play, but this tool can be a definite value-add. Contact a Magento Web development professional for dynamic and scalable online retail management solutions.