On-Page SEO Services

Why is On-page SEO Essential?

The answer is quite simple. Without effective On-page SEO, a website cannot rank for highly relevant and revenue-driving keywords.

On-page SEO Analysis

LGO will conduct an On-page SEO Analysis of your website and identify opportunities. LGO will than provide recommendations or a game plan for implementation. Upon Client approval, LGO will implement any of the following Elements required so that your website meets best practices.

On-Page Elements

Some of the critical elements that may require modification or optimization that results in higher ranking include;
URL’s – that is Search Engine friendly and that speak to the keyword or keywords that are being targeted for high ranking.
Title Tags – is one of the most important On-page elements. Title Tags are populated with targeted keywords which are determined by keyword research. Optimized Title Tags are critical for ranking.
H1 or Heading Tags – speak to what the page is about when searchers land on a product or service page. Ideally, H1 Tags should mirror what’s in the Title Tag.
Meta Description Tags – are what searchers see in the SERP’s (search engine result pages). Keyword optimized Description Tags with Calls to Action are essential to clicks & conversions.
Content Optimization – based on keyword research & analysis, can significantly improve your ranking for many keywords. LGO may also suggest new web pages based on keyword research!
Conversion Rate Optimization – simply adding Calls to Action or Conversion Points will increase the number of visitors who convert to a lead. You can double your conversion rate without having to double your traffic.
Crawlability & Indexing – LGO will ensure that Search Engines can crawl all your web pages so that your content is fully indexed.
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