Best Backlink Checker Tools to Help You Boost Your Site’s Rank

Having an idea about what most search engines are seeing and what are being reported to them is the key to becoming successful in SEO. Of course, quality backlinks play a major role in getting your site ranked on top using keywords. Most people are looking for quality backlink checkers to know exactly how many links are being recognized by the search engines and how are they affecting your page’s overall performance.

The very first thing that you must know is that no matter how good your software is, nothing is perfect. Normally, directory submissions and bookmarking pages will not appear in any backlink checker tool but it is there.

The same is true for some profile links and blog links you have pointing to your page. Most checkers won’t be able to recognize all, but search engines know them and they are doing their best to help improve your site’s rank and status.

It is very important to know that there are those who believe that checking your backlink count with a trial or premium software can hurt your rankings. Regardless if this is true or not, you must check it sporadically.

Listed below are some of the best backlink checkers available for you to take good advantage of. These are more accurate than the rest.


Ahrefs is considered to be the best SEO tools today that check backlinks and referring domains. People like it because it is an all in one tool for bloggers and site owners.

Backlinks section of this software allows users to check any site’s backlink profile based on Sitewide, Redirect, Gov, Nofollow, Dofollow, Edu, and other platforms and languages.

Another good feature of this software is that it allows users to check newly acquired and even lost or damaged backliks for a specific period of time.

New backlinks can help you connect with the authors that linked to your page recently. There is Lost Backlinks section that will help you save your existing backlinks. Borken Backlinks section is for link opportunities.

What is more interesting about this tool is that you can try it for 2 weeks free of any charge.

Open Site Explorer

This tool is a product of It can help you track the backlinks of your page, including that of your competitors. It is a very useful tool to get link building opportunities.

It can show you the Domain Authority and Page Authority of websites which can help you understand their strengths.

One advantage of this tool over its competitors is that it does not show a lot of links, only those that are really important. You can accomplish this through follow, rel=nofollow, 301, and 302 redirection.

There is no limit as to how many times would you want to check a backlink per day. You just have to upgrade to Moz Pro to be able to run reports unlimitedly.


SEMrush is an excellent took for analyzing your competitor’s page and for keyword research. It makes use of complete software that will help you assess anchors, referring IPs and domains, and backlinks for a specific page.

You can even compare your own backlinks to others. It is very convenient and easy to use.
You can explore its use and features for 2 long weeks without shelling out a single penny.

While there are many tools available that are of great quality, knowing how to interpret the readings and by coming up with your own link building plan are the keys to running a successful business online. 


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