Tips on Choosing the Right SEO Company

When I was asked to write a Blog Post about ”choosing the right SEO Company”, I was somewhat reluctant. I have many associates & mentors who either own, manage or work for an SEO Company. I simply didn’t want to ‘’out’’ anyone in our industry, however, it frustrates me when I hear or learn of businesses that see the benefits of Search Engine Optimization and invest in its rewards, with little or no return on investment.

There are many reasons for this. Every day, people enter our wonderful and rewarding industry, however, most have little to no experience or understanding of Google’s algorithm. Many SEO’s I’ve encountered take ‘’shortcuts’’ to expedite ranking & visibility rather roll-up their sleeves, than execute on a well thought out and sustainable strategy. Sadly, many over-promise and under deliver which is not good for the Client/ Business relationship and the Search Marketing industry.            

If I were starting a business tomorrow or became the CMO for an existing business that was embracing digital marketing for the first time, Organic and/ or Local SEO would be an essential tool in my Search Engine Marketing tool chest. My approach to choosing the right SEO would be based on my experiences and some common sense. Below, I’ve shared with you and in no particular order, what our Toronto SEO Company would highly suggest you do.


Check Online Reviews

Most buyers choose a partner/ vendor based on reviews. Negative reviews on SEO’s will have a significant impact on their ability to attract clients. Choose to review and choose the right. Start with Google!

Full-Service Agency

Choose a full-service SEO agency who offers efficient and integrated solutions. There are hundreds of elements that make up and determine a successful search engine optimization strategy.

Does the Company Rank, Themselves

This is a BIG one! The mark of good SEO is in their ability to rank for the services they provide. If they do rank, is it for meaningful keywords (e.g. SEO Montreal), rather than keywords for which there is little or no search volume? This would be at the top of my list! 

Social Media Presence

Small & Start-up SEO Companies generally lack an active Social Media Presence. Experienced & established SEO Agencies see Social Media as a tool to build relationships, share information and engage clients & prospective clients.

Avoid SEO Review Sites

This one just might upset some people within our industry. These are typically lead generation sites where an SEO Company would pay a large monthly sum of money to be HIGHLY RATED. We know this because our SEO Firm has been solicited, often. These types of sites proport to review SEO’s and rate them based on their own criteria. What is the criteria, what is the science behind it?  To my knowledge and experience, their ratings are based on who’s willing to pay the most money.

Of course, there are other criteria to consider when choosing the right SEO Company. Ask questions about, and request samples of the Search Engine Optimization Firms body of work. Request a minimum of three references. Request a meeting of all stakeholders including members of their SEO Team. Inquire about reporting capabilities and frequency of reporting. Lastly, ask about the length of your contract! A good SEO Company with a proven body of work simply wouldn’t find it necessary, rather, they’re quite comfortable and willing to partner on a month to month basis.


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