August 27, 2014

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization For Local Business Listings On Major Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization

Does my site even need Search Engine Optimization? Well, if you would like to increase the number of leads that you receive, then yes!

Even though Search Engine Optimization has changed drastically in the last year, Search Engines still have requirements to rank sites.

What does that mean? SEO is a practice that will optimize your site for Search Engine requirements.

The sites that respond to Google criteria the most will prosper the most. So we optimize for Search Engines? At one point that answer was yes, unfortunately that will no longer work either. So what do I do? It’s simple; you optimize your site for your IDEAL BUYER! All Google wants is to improve user experience! That’s it – That’s all! What you need to do is gear your Search Engine Optimization efforts into making a better user experience.

What Happens Next Algorithm Update? Will My Site Be At Risk?

What people have to understand is that for year’s marketers have developed and perfected the easiest methods to cheat the system, to manipulate a sites ranking ability due to the signals transmitted by Google’s algorithm. Today’s marketer will explain that taking risks can be costly. There is only one safe way to optimize today. The real way, this is by being active and competitive within your community or service area. This will help your overall search engine optimization without risking your sites position (rank). Just make sure that your marketing strategy covers all the requirements in your industry.

Search Engine Optimization

Is Search Engine Optimization Dead?

Search Engine Optimization is not dead. The only thing dead is gaming Google! There are still many ways to leverage your ranking within the Serp. Since Hummingbird has over 200 signals. SEO’s have to understand that adapting a legitimate Search Engine Optimization Strategy is the avenue to travel.


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