Online Marketing; Predictions for 2014

Recap on 2013 and what to expect in 2014!


Online marketing in 2014 already! Wow can’t believe how time flies, well at least for us Marketers. So what to expect in 2014? I guess its gonna be another year at Google’s mercie, since 2013 was a massacre. The search engine giant Google demonstrated to everyone this year that they were in control.

Google made many power moves this past year like completely removing all keyword data from Google analytic, a place where online marketing relied on Google to provide data leaving Seo’s and marketers in despair. Penalising efficient companies from “white hat” links, a practice that was at one point known as “Google’s best practices”.

Online Marketing: What’s Google up to?

That’s easy, the same thing they are always up to bettering an experience. A lot of people think that Google is all about making money yet Google’s #1 priority is improving experience, thats it that all! If Google was just about making money they would have to change their priorities. Google’s motto is lets make money while improving people’s life all while being as transparent as they can.

There was once a time that when you needed a Plumber then you asked a friend if they knew a good Plumber. When your friend referred a certain plumber they were usually good. Then 50 years down the road in the early 2000’s after we lost hope in traditional advertising like television,Radio and newspapers we return to personal referrals through social media is back

.So what is in store for Search 2014 lets see. We can safely say that seo has be forced down a different path since old best practices turn bad, we will see Seo’s and marketers tweak their strategies to become Inbound Marketers. This will be the year that Inbound Marketing will take most of the traffic from search term Seo since Seo continuously steps away from the online spotlight.

We will also see the battle between Facebook and Google+ continue, Google has a few tricks up their sleeves. We will also see our desktop computers look more and more like our mobile devices. Look and feel with be similar to your mobile device. We expect also to see much more social engagement overall. Its pretty simple Google has helped us evolved into trusted communities throughout social media where it is ok to ask question and receive answers.

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