August 27, 2014

Paid Search Montreal

Montreal SEM Agency serving SMB’s with Paid Search (PPC)?

Let’s get Optimized is the #1 Montreal SEM agency who serve many of North America’s most advanced campaigns and successful companies. It is also home to Trevor Stewart Canada’s most decorated Adwords expert. Talk to him today to see how you can start saving money tomorrow. “Let’s make the telephone ring and the cash register ching”
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If your new to the business get to know AdWords below

SEM experts Montreal

SEM otherly known and Paid search are the ads on top of the local and organic search results found in Googles SERP’s. These advertisements are how you pay to be seen in the paid search results. Paid search works on a pay per click basis, meaning you pay when someone clicks on your ad.

How Much Will It Cost Per Click?

Paid Search

The cost per click will be determined by site performance and keyword competition plus other factors. Once again, relevance has a major impact to add performance and campaign costs. Cost is subject to efficiency when building your AdWords paid search campaign. This is why you may consider outsourcing this job. AdWords has been around since 2001, and so have we! Confiding in a Montreal SEM company that has been actively practicing for nearly two decades will be beneficial to your over-all results.

Does Paid Search Help My Organic Ranking?

Unfortunately, paid search has zero influence on your organic position/placement, at least directly. Once your campaign funds run out you will no longer be found in the paid search listings. Paid search can be very effective for a new site, seeing that its initial organic presence would not be generating much traffic early in the game, yet paid search is able to give your company a first page presence for mean time.

Does Paid Search Help My Organic Ranking

What Are Display Ads And Remarketing?

Display ads are becoming more and more popular as buying trends become more routine. Display advertising is the art of persuasion. It allows us to place ads in relevant sites all across the internet, and remarketing allows us to keep soliciting people who have visited our site. Yes, we track our visitors! We are inbound marketers.

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