August 27, 2014

On-Page Optimization

Is On-Page Optimization Still Necessary?

On-Page Optimization is still the foundation any successful website. Without On-Page Optimization you may find it difficult to get the traffic you were hoping to receive. Search engines work off signals and if your site fails to send clear signals it may simply get pushed aside or even flagged.

So Then What Exactly Is On-Page Optimization?

Well, On-Page Optimization starts with a strategic approach. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” leave yourself the time to do your Homework. Research every avenue that a stranger may use to search for your site, and then cover all your options through On-Page Optimization.

On-Page Optimization

Whom Should I Get To Implement An On-Page Optimization Strategy?

On-Page Optimization would be better left to outsourced experts. The better you optimize your site’s On-Page SEO the more traffic you will receive; it is just as simple as that.

Can anyone Optimize my site?

On-Page Optimization is very strategic, especially in a more competitive niche. At this point it becomes even more crucial to have done things right. Here are the some of the places to focus on.

  • Have the best Content – Content has always been important to an on-page strategy yet since the release of Hummingbird, Google’s new algorithm, content has never meant as much as it does now. The more intriguing, informative, and educational your content is the better!
  • Add the right Call to Action at the right place and time – Having a stunning design and beautifully flowing content will influence your visitors to stick around a little while longer. Then, just the right call to action will convince them to commit. Remember timing is everything.
  • Meta descriptions, Page titles, h1’s and Custom url’s – This is where you will need an expert! Understanding the purpose of each one is very important to On-Page Optimization. These are the initial flags that will tell the Search engine about your page. By effectively implementing on page SEO you are simply being clear about a specific product or service. Do not skip this step!

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