When you think of Montreal a lot of thing come to mind whether if you personally seen it or heard about through other people. It’s the city that never sleeps, fills with action, professional and loads of restaurants and commerce. Montreal is a great place to live and do business. It is filled with history and culture that is inequitable to other municipalities across the country. Here are some great aspects of the city that are worth mentioning and learning about.


The Metropolitan area, urban agglomeration, and all municipalities in and around Montreal encompasses a population close to 6 million people where French is the official language of the city, with 49% of the population who speak it at home, followed by 22% english and 18% other languages.
Verifiably the business capital of Canada, Montréal was outperformed in populace and in financial standings by Toronto in the 1970s. It still remains an imperative focal point of trade, aviation, transport, pharmaceuticals, innovation, craftsmanship, culture, tourism, gaming, film and International affairs. In 2017, Montreal was positioned the twelfth most favorable liveable city globally by the Economist Intelligence Unit in its yearly Global Liveability Ranking, and the best city to be a student in the QS World University Rankings.


Montreal hold a lot of history since it’s very beginning. It’s is said and was proven by archeologist, Montreal was first inhabited by First Nations native people over 4000 years ago. It wasn’t until the 14th century a French explorer named Jacques Cartier came to Canada and settled in Montreal. There is quite a history of war with the early european settlement who came to Canada between the Natives, French and English colonist. In 1745 a few Mohawk families moved upriver to make another settlement, known as Akwesasne, which are presently still Mohawk reverses to date. The Canadian land was managed as a French settlement until 1760, when it was surrendered to Great Britain after the Seven Years’ War.Montreal was only recognized as a city in 1832. Here are some great events that have happened in Montreal from 1761 onwards. From 1844 to 1849, Montreal was considered the capital of the province of Canada, but lost it’s title when the parliament was burnt down to protest the Rebellion and for reasons why Queen Victoria wanted to make Ottawa the capital, which would strategically shelter itself from any US attacks and it’s interior location was fair compromise between Toronto, Montreal, Kingston and Quebec city. After the first world war, The american prohibition movement brought American to Montreal as they were seeking alcohol. The unemployment rate surged as the stock market crashed and Great depression happened in 1929. Needless to say the Conscription crisis of 1944 that happened during WWII with Mayor Houde, who urged the men and women to disobey the Federal government and protest against conscription. (drafting or enlisting into national services). In the 50’s and 60’s Montreal was booming economically the Montreal stock exchange was measuring up to the Toronto Stock Exchange. They continued to grow,host world fairs such as Expo ‘67, build the tallest building, invovated an expressways and metro lines known as Montreal Metro. It was in the 70’s where politics and social change happened where there was a predominant english business area in Montreal but then French speaking majority wanted to conserve their culture and language in the province which led to the October Crisis. The Parti Quebecois was elected in 1976 who stood by its sovereign status of Quebec. This led to a mass exodus in Quebec, lots of business and people moved out of Montreal. Due to this change the 80’s and 90’s economic growth rate was slower than other provinces.


Known as the 2nd largest business hub in Canada it houses many of the world’s largest brands. Québecor, Cirque du Soleil, Saputo and many others have been successful in growing brands that are known across the globe. The economy has made a major shift to internet marketing with local digital marketing companies helping local business rank their website on the top of Google & search engines like Bing & Yahoo. SEO Montreal is now a huge part of building an online brand.


Montreal is known for some it’s international Universities such McGill University ( for law and Medicine) Concordia University for (Business and Psychology). As well as french Universities Université de Montreal, Université du Québec among many others. Montreal prides itself as it has the greatest concentration of post secondary education of students in all of North America and also among the cheapest throughout the whole country.


Montreal definitely has its sports fans, where hockey is considered the most popular in town. Montreal is home to the Montreal Canadians who was part of the original six team created in the NHL. The Habs have made history in the past with their stanley cup winning. If you ever been to a Montreal Canadian home game the true spirit of its fan truly come out of the crowd. However the last time they won was in 1993.
Montreal also have other Major league teams such as the Montreal Alouettes (CFL) and the Montreal Impact – professional soccer team.
They also host high profile racing each year such as the Formulas 1 and Grand prix, which brings in the crowds and tourism into the city in the summer.
Lets not forget the Rogers cup a men’s and women’s tennis competition that alternates between Montreal and Toronto. Which leads me to my next section on fun and amusements.


Montreal is filled with fun and amusement. Every year in the summer it is filled with a calendar list of festivals and events. Here are some examples: The food truck festivals- located at the Olympic stadium every Saturday in summer people can pleasure themselves to trying out a multitude of different cuisine and creative foods in town. The International Jazz Festival run for a about a week in the summer, it bring out the crowds who love jazz and music alike. The reggae festival, and Just for Laughs and many more.
LaRonde is also home to Montreal,which was built for entertainment during Expo 67 and is now Montreal’s amusement park and hosts international fireworks in the summer. Most of all suburbs and municipalities host their our city festivals, sports and day camps.


Most of what was mentioned above would be considered the greatest amination of the cities core. There is such a diversity and depth to the city. It is known also known as the city of a hundred steeples. Montreal has lots big and old building alike one of the largest churches in Canada is the Saint-Joseph’s Oratory and it currently hold the title of the second largest copper dome in the world. It is said many miracles have happened there and it has became a world tourist attraction. Montreal is also home to the arts in which they take great pride in, the arts are also embedded into the people everyday life with art exhibiting through the parks and metro stations. Montreal is home to a place called Place des Arts where concerts and theatres take place some of which are: the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Opéra de Montréal and the world renowned Cirque de Soleil. There is nothing missing in Montreal culture, it has really turned into a diverse and multiethnic city.


Montreal’s economy is the second largest out of all canadian cities with a GDP of $118.7 billion out of $340 billion for the province of Quebec. Today’s economy is driven by commerce, finance, technology, culture and world affairs. Montreal is home to many headquarters in various industry such as aerospace, pharmaceuticals, print, engineering software and telecommunication. It was in the early 2000’s Montreal had fourth largest centre in North-America for aerospace in regard to employment. It also has the largest inland port in the world at the Port the Montreal which deals with more than 26 million tonnes of goods (machinery and consumer goods) on a yearly basis. Montreal port is one of the most important in Canada for the transshipment of products such as grain, sugar, petroleum to name a few. Montreal economy is one that has been slower in the past few year but it has shown a revival.
Here’s a list of corporations that have their headquarters in Montreal, which directly influences it’s economic stance.
Montreal also plays a big part in the film and television industry. It is said to be the headquarter of Alliance film and 5 studios of Academy-Award winning documentary producer of National film

Board of Canada and Telefilm Canada.

Furthermore, Montreal has become a huge player in the Gaming industry and keeps growing one of the main key players are Ubisoft Montreal. Who have attracted world leading game developers and publishing studios. (EA, BioWare, Gameloft to name a few.) Warner Bros. is set to open a studio in the city, which will create over 300 jobs further details to come but really exciting for the city.
Last but not least, The city of Montreal plays a predominant role in the finance industry employing more than 100K people in and around the Greater Montreal area. It was once home to the the corporate headquarter of the two biggest banks in Canada: the Bank of Montreal and Royal Bank of Canada which have since moved to Toronto but have kept their legal corporate offices in Montreal. The city also has head offices small banking institutions like National bank of Canada and Laurentian bank of Canada. Let’s not forget la Caisse des dépots de placement du Québec, an international investor holding $248 billion in assets.
To conclude, Montreal is a fantastic city with lots to see and experience if ever you happen to travel this way. You will be sure to experience its culture and the fun and amusement we have here in the summer months with all that is going on with the festivals and the abundance of food and activities. Montreal never gets old, but it sure leave a footprint in your heart once you’ve been here.
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