How Google Analytics Can Help Grow Your Business. The Basics


Google Analytics Can Help Grow Your Business by monitoring your Data

Business owners today know that their prospects are searching for their products / services online. You have put up your website, began you SEO campaign, running social media campaigns and also invest in paid traffic generation strategies. But how should you gauge the success of all these campaigns? The solution is in measuring your site statistics and where all that traffic is coming from. If you can get access to these stats you can improve on your strategies or focus on a few profitable ones. This is where Google Analytics comes into the picture and helps put your online marketing efforts on the pathway to your business success. Why Google Analytics? Because there is no other online analytics program that is better this “gift” from Google!

Google Analytics Means More Information!


Google Analytics provides you with all the information you require to grow your business. How Google Analytics can help with growing your businessIt delivers KPI or Key Performance Indicator that stands for all the data that you should measure when running an online business. So the kind of data that Google Analytics (GA) reports include the following:

  • Your website’s performance; data like time spent on your site and bounce rate.
  • Your website’ traffic; data like the source from where they are coming (search engines or other sites or direct URL), and which web pages they are visiting the most.
  • The sites linking to your web pages; these sites are sending traffic to your pages.
  • Measuring the success of your campaigns
  • Monitoring visiting traffic habits

If you don’t know which one of your campaigns is a success and failure, you could be just wasting your money. With GA, you know exactly what is working and what is not and where to put more of your money and where to stop!

Functions & Benefits of Google Analytics

Google allows us to use this magnificent tool for measuring and tracking a number of things associated to our web properties.

Track Your Online Performance

Google Analytics provides you with the data you require to measure if your online campaigns are heading the right way. You can implement changes and test their impact by checking your web statistics. For example, you can check the reports for the different marketing efforts and calculate the ones that offered high ROI. The data will also help you learn where your visitors are coming from so that you can target those sources more often.


Helps to Understand your Keywords

Most website owners think that they know and understand the keywords driving visitors to their site. But GA actually tells us which ones are and which ones are not with a reliable report. What GA does is break down your search traffic and lets you see which keywords are helping searchers to find your web pages. Besides, it will also tell you what these people do once they visit your site. For example, it can give you information about the number of web pages users looking for a particular keyword will look at. The time they spend on each page. Is it a new or returning visitor and the leads that converted?

Use this information to make changes to your keywords, keyword strategies and website!

Understanding your Customers

An understanding of your keywords’ performance allows you to understand your customers better. It becomes possible to see patterns in their behavior, which allows you to categorize them in the same way as your keywords. For example, the visitors coming from review sites have a higher conversion rate. You may learn that visitors need to be provided more information-rich pages before they can take a purchase decision. Thus Google Analytics helps you take steps and improve your visitors’ user experience.

Improve your Web Page Quality

GA helps you learn which web pages enable your visitors to achieve their goals and which pages are not. The Visitor Flow reports provide valuable (graphical) information about the performance of your web pages and where your users are going. You will learn about pages that don’t help convert your visitors so you know how to rewrite or those. Eventually, Google Analytics will help address the problem areas so that you can fix them to improve your conversion rate.

Improving your Social Activities


Google Social reports help businesses understand the social activities taking place on their sites. These social reports can help you learn about relevant social conversations taking place on the web and participate in them. Many website owners don’t take the social media dip because they don’t know how to track their social efforts. But Google Analytics can help you get all the data to learn about your social ROI.

Brand Growth

Google Analytics furnishes you with all the information you need to know what draws your target audience to your site (or your ecommerce store – if you have one!). You will be able to make informed decisions about your web content and product offerings, which will further help build your brand. The reports generated by GA help you determine if you are following the right path or not, and the steps you can take to improve your profits. The brand-building benefits of your site go beyond and help create a positive image for your business in both the online and offline environment

Improvement, Improvement & Improvement!


Google Analytics tells you what you need to improve so that more of your time and efforts are spent on content and campaigns that grow your business. Thus, minimizing wastage of time, energy and resources! You will be able to see the content that is popular and the content that doesn’t impress your visitors.

Using GA will eventually help you learn about the strengths of your business, and the strengths and weaknesses of your website and online campaigns, and how you can define your brand better. All this will result in making your visitors and customers feel connected to your business. So, in the long-term, GA will allow you to analyze your web traffic and grow your business by knowing what your customers want and what they do to get it!

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