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How Email Marketing for Small Businesses Is King Of The Hill

You thought this is the age of social media, SEO and PPC. Email marketing for small businesses in Montreal could perhaps be only secondary when it comes to creating the list of your online marketing strategies. You are easily wrong! Social media started emerging around a decade ago. When search engines started gaining traction in the Internet marketing domain a little earlier than that. But Email marketing for small businesses is something that has been here for decades – it is as old as email. It is not just that it is the earliest form of online marketing; it is still the “king” and can beat other online marketing strategies in terms of ROI and control.

Why Email Marketing for small businesses is Still the King on the internet

Email marketing for small businesses is data-driven. You can measure it accurately, make adjustments and achieve more success. You can target your audience. It helps build long-term relationships. It is permission-based and you are not interfering. It is cost-effective and has a better ROI than social media marketing. It gives SEO a run for its money and is far cheaper than PPC campaigns.

Email marketing for small businesses is Cost-Effective

How long do the posts and statuses on Facebook and Twitter last? They may be there for long but they get the eyeballs for only a short period of time, especially if they don’t go viral. The posts remain there but are almost immediately hidden under the stack of new ones. On the other hand, if you are sending out your newsletters to your targeted audience, they are going to remain in the recipients’ inbox for a longer time. If you are sending out the message to the target audience, they are more likely to keep your emails and take action on them.

Email marketing for small businesses, how much does it cost to send a campaign? Nothing! Therefore, running an email campaign, even if through a specialist service, will cost you an insignificant amount. This is the reason email marketing has one of the highest ROI. You will be getting more out of your marketing dollar.

Easy to Measure and Better Control

Every marketer wants to have total control over his marketing efforts. Control is one of the biggest challenges to any form of marketing. Email marketing for small businesses in Montreal near Laval and the south shore stands out as a strategy that allows you to accurately measure the results so that you could make adjustments to your efforts. Measure email views, CTR’s, bounce rates and much more so that you will have total control over who, when and how viewing your emails.

Get Personal with your Email marketing for small businesses

Does SEO give you the power of becoming personal? Probably no! Can social media help you become personal with your audience? Yes, but with some limitations. Can email marketing for small businesses help? Yes, it certainly can! Those who are on your email list are already the ones who have agreed to receive your emails. Once they open your email, you will be directly giving them a message – it is secondary whether they take action on it or not. You are however building a rapport with them. They will know you – by name and your business and what exactly you offer.

Thus, most of your conceptions about email marketing for small businesses were possibly wrong. It may be one of the earliest online marketing strategies, it is still the king of the hill and you must include it into your overall integrated marketing campaign.


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