Content Marketing Strategies For Your Website

Content Marketing Strategies For Your Website

Content marketing is quickly becoming one of the most important things that you can do to enable search engines to find your site. Last year google made several changes to their search engine algorithm. These changes are intended to make the search engine able to deliver best answer to each query. It would be great if every business could employ an experienced writer just for this purpose. In addition, they should have an experienced marketing director to oversee the distribution of that content. Unfortunately that is just not realistic for most small businesses. Is our goal at Let’s Get Optimized to fill the role of content writer and marketing director for your business. We will do this on either a contract or per item basis.

Our Content Marketing Services

Content Strategy: We will help you develop a content marketing strategy that fits your needs. We will do research on the web to identify popular topics and keywords that are related to your products or services. We’ll then create content for your website is intended to be popular and relevant.

Optimize Content: Our team of writers can create content for your site on a regular schedule. They will optimize the content they create to make it attractive to search engines. If you’re going to create your own content we can also optimize that for organic search engine discovery.

Distribute Content: After your content is uploaded and optimized will distribute it to many destinations across the web. Great content is only great if people can find it. Our distribution includes RSS feeds and aggregators, news sites, book marking sites and social networks.

Optimize Existing Content: If you have an existing blog, social network, Youtube channel or Pinterest page we can optimize those for search engine discovery as well. We can go over your page content and the images on your site to make sure that they adhere to Google SEO best practices. Our services will make your content stand out and be more easily discovered by potential clients. We will ensure it is of good quality and conforms to Google’s SEO rules. Our rates are reasonable but today it is not a question of “can I afford good content” but rather ” can I afford to be without good content”?

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