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Local SEO Tactics: How to Optimize Your Business for Local Search in 2021 (Updated March 2021)

Getting visitors to your website in 2021 goes hand in hand with increasing conversions. And since most purchase decisions today start with a search query, local SEO is the best strategy for your small business. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to optimize your business for local search. By the end of it, you’ll […]

How Does User Experience Affect SEO?

Do you know what the best products in the world today all have in common? They give users a feeling of happiness, trust, and satisfaction. Your audience expects positive interactions when working with you. And search engines know that! That is why user experience is becoming such a major factor in determining Search Engine Organic […]

Looking Back at 2019: An Overview of Google Search Algorithm Updates

Google has been launching new algorithm updates since its’ early days. It’s always working on improving user experience and the results the algorithms show.  Some search updates are huge and affect websites of all sizes and industries.  Google calls those “Core Updates.” Other updates have a smaller impact in general. But once they add up, […]

Google Search Console: Best Practices and Tools For Beginners

Is this your first time hearing about Google Search Console (GSC)?  If so, then you’ve been missing on a great solution for most of your digital marketing problems. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Lots of webmasters and small business owners outsource all their digital marketing efforts. So, they don’t care about what online marketing […]

Google Guarantee Program: Everything You Need To Know [How To Apply]

Google has recently launched in Canada the new Google Guarantee Program that’s intended to help businesses and customers do business. Although still in its first year, the program has become very popular among local service providers. Everyone is trying to get in and get a Google Guaranteed badge. Hence, in today’s article, we’ll share with […]

How to use Google Keyword Planner to Boost Your SEO Results In 2019

If you want your content marketing efforts to be successful, you have to do keyword research; but with all the overpriced and complicated tools online, things can get tricky for you and your business. Google offers an easy fix to that problem! The solution has always existed and it’s what all keyword research tools online […]

Let’s Get Optimized Grabs a Name Among Top SEO Companies in Canada at GoodFirms

Let’s Get Optimized outperformed at GoodFirms due to its outstanding search engine optimization services in Canada. About Let’s Get Optimized Trevor Stewart founded Let’s Get Optimized(LGO) in 2008. Since then, the company has become one of the leading digital marketing and SEO agencies in Canada. It specializes in helping small and medium-size businesses implement winning […]

Need more visitors

So You Need More Visitors Coming To Your Website? Well, it looks like you did your homework! We can definitely help! Getting new unique visitors to your website is like putting fuel in your car, you won’t go far without it! So what is the secret to getting more traffic? The secret is to engage […]

Drive more sales

Need To Drive More Sales? There are always many avenues available to drive more sales. Once you have established getting traffic to your site then successfully converting those visitors into leads. This is the time to make your sales. At this point, it is crucial to align all of your strengths together to close that […]