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Google’s Page Experience Update in 2021: What it Will Mean For You

At Let’s Get Optimized, we’re always working to stay ahead of the latest trends and updates in the SEO industry. Today, we would like to inform you about a new update coming to Google’s algorithm in 2021. After an already ‘turbulent’ first half to 2020, we know thinking about next year might not be your […]

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SEO is a dynamic industry and as a business owner, you really need to keep yourself posted on the latest happenings in the SEO industry. If you don’t, you’ll easily fall prey to outdated SEO practices and SEO misconceptions. In today's post, we’ll address 8 of the most common SEO misconceptions that you need to [...] Read More
Where should your priorities lie when you’re trying to optimize the search performance of your website? You won’t have the time or resources need to cover every aspect in great detail, so you need to narrow things down and determine the most cost-effective way to proceed — today, though, there’s enough of an overlap that [...] Read More
If you have a website but are not utilizing SEO, let us tell you that there’s no point for you in having a website in the first place! While it’s a very strong statement, it’s absolutely true. There are tremendous benefits of SEO whether you have a blog, an ecommerce store, or any other type [...] Read More

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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – The New Trend to Improve SEO

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is among the most popular and promising open source frameworks being used today nearly by all kinds of businesses to boost the rate at which mobile phones loads a specific website or page. This makes browsing easier and faster for people, even if they are on the go. The tremendous increase [...] Read More

Effective SEO Strategies For 2017

How should companies look at adopting effective SEO strategies for 2017? SEO or search engine optimization is a very unpredictable field because of the numerous changes that Google algorithm goes through within a time frame. Its algorithm set in place for this month may be the different the next. It is a constantly developing algorithm [...] Read More

Boost your leads!

5 killer tips to convert more leads – triple your leads in 30 days!   In our game conversions are everything, especially when identifying your businesses KPI’s. Clients are getting more and more eager anticipating their next reports to measure their return. (told you that this day would exist!) Now that we have pitched AdWords [...] Read More

Content Marketing Best Practices 2016

The Best Practices of Content Marketing for 2016 Everyone automatically thinks of blog posts, newspaper articles, and other such written content when they hear the phrase content marketing. But that’s a very narrow view of looking at this strategy. Content marketing best practices is much more comprehensive and effective than most people assume. If you [...] Read More

Google Changes on SEO

Google's Attack on SEO 2016 Am I the only one who has recently seen Google's attack on SEO? I mean, SEO has been around for a long time. Ever since people realized that optimizing their website might get them to rank higher on search engine results pages, they’ve been finding ways to do so. For [...] Read More

WordPress vs Drupal

WordPress vs Drupal The Battle of Titans! WP Vs Drupal – Which one to Choose? WordPress vs Drupal, well they are two of the most commonly popular content management systems available on earth. Both are free and open source; are far better than the conventional closed source options; both are developed in PHP, and both are [...] Read More

AdWords New Update

Mobile First says AdWords New Update March 28 marks the date when Google says Mobile first in AdWords. It has already been 15 years since Google has introduced AdWords; since that time Internet user search habits have evolved in a big way. Today, most people transition seamlessly from their PC to their smartphones or tablets to their [...] Read More

Social Signals

 What Social Signals will mean for SEO in 2016 We are hardly surprised to hear what social signals will mean for SEO this years. When reading Neil Patel’s predictions for 2016 SEO Factors, Social Signals come in at the top of the list. How can anyone be surprised, SERIOUSLY! I understand that many SEO’s are still [...] Read More

Email marketing service

How Email Marketing for Small Businesses Is King Of The Hill You thought this is the age of social media, SEO and PPC. Email marketing for small businesses in Montreal could perhaps be only secondary when it comes to creating the list of your online marketing strategies. You are easily wrong! Social media started emerging [...] Read More

SEO for Small Business

SEO Services for Small Businesses, why it’s the best choice for your company. SEO Services for Small Businesses is something which is usually the last thing on the minds of small business owners and managers in Montreal, South Shore and Laval area. But with most of your consumers browsing the web on their desktops, laptops and [...] Read More
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