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Did you know that there are over a Billion smartphone users worldwide with mobile apps? Well that gives us a good indication in which the world is heading to.

We conducted a survey over 100 smartphone users and asked them this question: Would you be able to function without your smartphone? 98 out of 100 responded that they could no longer function without the use of their smartphone. Ok a little far fetched? Maybe they would be able to function yet just not as well.

So everyone can calm down no one is taking anyone smartphone away! Infact better yet we are going to share our favorite apps with you to make your life even easier than it already is. So check out these apps and give them a try, there free!

  1. Buffer – Buffer Social media network is a Social extension that allows you to automate your posts throughout your entire Social network. Simply chose what you want to post and enter it into your buffer account, then choose which social profile you would like the post to be published in then pick the time. Thats it! Buffer does not just save time it allow you to pick specific audiences to post to at the right times. This automation feature will post to popular times in various Social platforms.

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  1. Instagram – Instagram is an app that was purchased by facebook for a whooping 1 billion dollars, WOW! This easy to use app will turn your images into art work! This well constructed app takes your images and brings them to life by immensely enhancing the quality of the image. You can also make slide shows and short video’s to boot! A must have app.

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  1. Google Drive – Google drive has to be one of the greatest apps of all time. Google drive will allow you to store ANYTHING! Back up photos or anything else you ever want to keep safe for free. Its kinda having your own digital safety deposit box available at any time or anywhere. Google drive offers an incredible amount of storage space all for free. Get this app just to be safe.

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  1. Burner app – Burner is an app that will protect your phone number yet allow you to give out your number, Confused? I’ll explain, this app will grant you local numbers to give out that will work on your phone. Receive incoming phone calls and text messages on your device through another local number that the app provides for you. Never give out you real number again, unless you want to of course!

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  1. Join.me – Join.me is for that person who needs to be everywhere. Hold real time meeting anywhere in the world from your app! Meet with one or multiple people at the same time. You’re able to launch a meeting or simply join a meeting that is already in progress. The future of a virtual board room at the touch of your smartphone. Now that is convenience!

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Hope these apps come in handy to your everyday needs and feel free to share them with your friends!

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