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SEO Oshawa or SEO Company Oshawa

How Businesses Find Our SEO Company

Both SEO Oshawa and SEO Company Oshawa are just two of 00’s of keywords that are typed into the search box of Google and other Search Engines if they are looking to partner with a Search Engine Optimization Company or Agency. Now, take a moment to fill in the following blank with a keyword that best describes what your business does (e.g. Plumber) _________________. Now, add the location where you do business (e.g. Oshawa) __________________.  Based on Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner, the keyword phrase ‘’Plumber Oshawa’’ is a HIGHLY sought keyword from an SEO and  PPC (paid search) perspective.  For businesses who wish to increase their local visibility on Google, they may attempt to do it themselves which is perfectly fine, however, most will seek the services of an SEO Consultant, Expert or a Search Engine Optimization Company.

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process of optimizing elements of a website, with the purpose of improving its visibility in the search engine results pages, the rewards of which can significantly impact website traffic and leads. There are 200+ variables or Google ranking factors that ultimately determine placement or positioning in local and organic search results. Of the variables, there are two that require focus, resources and time. The first is On-page, which is the architecture of the website, and the second is Off-page, which is the determining ranking factor or “core” of Google’s Algorithm. We encourage you to read through our content and familiarize yourself with these elements and factors as you work towards choosing the right SEO Company for your Digital Marketing Campaign.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

Effective SEO or ”Search Engine Optimization” can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website. More traffic means more leads and sale. Search Engine Optimization is also trackable, measurable & sustainable through the use of Google analytics. Through the Google Analytics Platform, Search Console, and Google My Business (Local SEO), our SEO Firm will track a variety of KPI’s and metrics which we share with our Clients. Below, are just some of the metrics that we track and include in our detailed monthly reporting;

Why Choose LGO as your Oshawa SEO Company?

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Why SEO Deliver’s Exceptional ROI

Without question, leads generated by a Search Engine Optimization campaign are of better quality and are bottom of the sales funnel. This is because of a direct correlation between high ranking websites and conversions (form submission, phone calls, live chat etc.), the basis of which is TRUST. Simply put, consumers trust websites that are highly visible in the search results more than paid search, websites on page two, and beyond. For this reason, leads, cost-per-lead, and cost-per-sale metrics have proven to deliver a significantly better ROI than other tools in the Digital Marketing tool chest.

Ethical & Sustainable Local & Organic SEO

The determining ranking factor in a successful SEO strategy is a websites Trust & Authoritywhich is also known as Off-page Optimization. Typically, first page results can take 3 -6 months, however, some SEO’s will take shortcuts to expedite Trust & Authority, and ranking for their Clients. Shortcuts include strategies that are dubious. While this approach may provide results in the short term, it’s not sustainable and is in violation of a Search Engines in terms of service. This approach will often lead to de-indexing or banishment from the first few pages of Search Engines. Unethical SEO is NOT something LGO does. Our approach to Site Trust & Authority is methodical, safe and the high ranking in the search results, sustainable.

SEO Strategies That Transform Your Business

Simply put, an effective SEO Strategy customized to increase the visibility of your Oshawa (and surrounding area) business, is an effective online marketing tool that will significantly increase your brand’s presence and can help transform your business. Need a customized organic or Local SEO strategy that delivers first-page results, more website traffic, better-qualified leads, and increased sales & revenue?

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